Why are these Sisters laughing? Actually, Sisters of Mary laugh and smile often, and bring Joy to others, while sharing Joy within their communities.

It's not always laughter, sometimes it's a warm smile in a difficult moment, to a child, to a parent, to someone ailing from disease or injury.

There is a freedom in taking vows, in dedicating oneĆ­s whole life to serving God and the people of God. That freedom translates into a light heart, one ready to smile, to laugh, seeing Christ in others.

Become a Servant of the Servants of God.

If you're not called to join the religious life of a Congregation, of the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega, you can still help them in their work, join in the smiles and the laughter. Contact us and let us know your willingness to pray and work with us. Help us by donating to our causes, by seeing that our vow of poverty leaves us with strength to do God's work on earth. Join us in spreading the Joy of serving Jesus Christ as He asked us to do:

"Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me." (Matthew 25:40)

Click here to see our Vocations Brochure.

If you're considering a life dedicated to the Lord, perhaps as a Sister, you may contact us through this website, and arrange a visit to a nearby community.

Sisters begin their preparation as a Novice, and you can see the Joy and Serenity in the faces of the Novices above, who are among our most recent.

Contact Us

The Sisters in the picture (above right) are members of the Oregon Sisters of Mary of Kakamega community, and they will share answering any inquiries sent through this website. If your message cannot be answered by one of the Oregon sisters be assured it will be addressed in due course, and you will receive a reply.

You may contact us by writing to us at this address:

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Sisters of Mary of Kakamega

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In Africa:

Sisters of Mary of Kakamega

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