The Basis of Our Order

Aim As a congregation, Sisters of Mary are primarily engaged in the work of Evangelization through missionary activities with the aim of witnessing to the Gospel and pursuing perfect Charity by following Jesus Christ in living community life. Sisters of Mary also take vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience for the glory of God.

Apostolate Sisters of Mary have dedicated themselves to reaching out and supporting God's people through Christian formation and other forms of apostolic activities like teaching, care of the sick, catechesis, communication, social work, and other forms of Evangelization.(Cf. Lk.4:31-32, Mk. 10:46-52).

Charism of the Institute is To share in the Redemptive Mission of Jesus Christ the Great Teacher and Healer. Spirit The Spirit of the Sisters of Mary is Persevering Love and Service i.e. in emulation of the Blessed Virgin Mother.

Tradition The Order is an Active Congregation but they have time for personal and community prayer before and after ministering to God's people in their Apostolate.

Community Life In imitation of the Blessed Trinity and the early Christians, Sisters of Mary practice community life through their Charism, common mission, vows, prayer life, sharing everything in common as a prophetic sign of God's Kingdom.

Prayer Regimen Prayer schedule: Upon rising Meditation, Morning Prayers, Holy Mass, Midday Prayers, Evening Prayers and Night Prayers. There is Recollection once a month and also Bible Sharing. This regimen deepens our relationship with God and with each other and nourishes their spiritual and apostolic activities.

Spirituality The spirit of the Sisters of Mary is lived out by following the Augustinian Spirituality characterized by Faith in God, Interiority, Love and Apostolic Service, Discovering God in Community, Holy Scripture as a primary place of encountering God, and Promotion of Justice, Unity, Harmony, Peace and Reconciliation.

The SMK operate vocational schools for youth who are orphaned or whose family cannot afford the fees for state high school.